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Hey fellow fans
Hi! Well i've been a member of this community for a bit, and it's a shame that it's not really alive! I would like to chat with fellow fans about what Marion's doing and all that, but I realised the owner of this community has deleted their i've created a new community for us Marion fans to mingle in marionravencom. If you would like to join, please feel free to, it won't take long! It has just started, but hopefully, we can keep this community alive - there's a lot that will be happening in the community, and i'll regularly update it with news, tour dates, etc...

So, feel free to join marionravencom if you'd like.

Hope to see you there!
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can anyone send me a copy of 13 days?
i heard that chantal kreviazuk and raine maida co-wrote it, and they are the best EVER, so i'd love to hear it...but i'm having no luck finding a copy. =\
so yeah, if anyone could send it to me, that'd be awesome. =)

thanks so much!
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So you guys want the album?

So I see that you guys want the album but it won't be released in your place, so yeah, if you don't want to buy it off e-bay, you can win it at

Image hosted by

Just sign up and promote, and you'll get a chance to win "Here I Am!" Please also say in the e-mail that I referred you to the site, thanks!

If you want Marion news, you can also go to

:) ~Kath
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In case anybody else had the same idea as I did, let me save you the trouble:

eBay auction the first: an auction for Here I Am, the Japanese release. Buy It Now price at $28.99

Auction the second: Thailand(?) release. Current bid $23.50 U.S.

Little rich for my... wallet, but as I frequent M2M-related eBay searches (my wall is covered in posters and trade ads), I figured I'd pass it along in case anybody was of the persuasion to pay upwards of thirty bucks for the album.

And you know, I think she took a cue from the Gorton's Fisherman with that hat. I'm kind of hoping that's not the official album cover they're showing.
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Hey guys! It the moderator!! I'm back, finally. Life has been really hard on me with graduating high school, bad break up, and other personal issues. I didn't have time for the community. But now that Marion's career is finally taking off I'm back again! Thanks to seph for posting Marion news, videos and also to kath_travrox23 for the video link, as well!
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More linkage.

Another quick Google query brings up an MTV Asia site featuring three full-length live acoustic performances from Miss Raven's upcoming album, which, the site says, is slated to drop June 6.

Songs included are "End of Me," "Break You," and "Little by Little."

Personally, I think she was pushing the vocals a little too hard, but that's my one complaint, and that's not something that would carry over to a studio recording.
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A bit of news.

Picked this up from Decided to post it since I hadn't seen any activity here.

"Mark your calendars for these dates relating to Marion's new album:

"April 25 - 'Break You' radio/video release for Japan/Australia/New Zealand/Mexico

"April 25 - 'End of Me' radio release for SOutheast Asia

"May 23 - 'Break You' commercial single release for Australia

"June 4 - Here I Am album release for Southeast Asia

"June 8 - Here I Am album release for Japan/Australia/New Zealand/Mexico"

Come on, Marion, don't make me import your album!

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Marion's site is up! Sorry I've seemed to disappear and I'm not sure how long that it's actually been up, but it's up! The layout is gorgeous, omg.!
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Hey Guys,

I'm selling my Gucci Strass 2653's. They're the exact same style of sunglasses Marion Raven wore in the "Everything" video. I'm selling them for exactly what I paid for them a year ago. Here's the link- click here.. Happy bidding!